What is an Intranet Portal?

Intranet Portal Explained Companies use Intranet portals to create a centralized and personalized work environment. Like a private Internet, an Intranet portal provides management tools, document repositories and software to employees. The improved accessibility through a managed network often results in productivity and profitability gains.

What is a Web Portal?

Web Portal Explained A web portal, also known as a links page, is a more accessible way for online viewers to see the World Wide Web. The web portals of today are usually divided into many different sections with many articles and links under each one. A modern web portal will also contain many links… Continue reading What is a Web Portal?

What is the Mobile Web?

The Mobile Web The mobile web refers to the accessibility of the Internet from a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet computer. Consumers may also access browser-based applications from the mobile web for the convenience and increased productivity of the user. In 2008, mobile access to the Internet exceeded fixed based Internet… Continue reading What is the Mobile Web?

What does Mobile Web mean?

Mobile Web Explained The mobile web has quickly turned into the new medium of choice for businesspeople the world over. The mobile web is simply the conglomeration of web sites that are made for viewing on mobile devices such as smartphones and mobile tablets. Since 2009 and the rise of the iPhone and iPad, the… Continue reading What does Mobile Web mean?

What is an Extranet?

Extranet Explained Extranet Terminology The extranet is used to share company information privately with suppliers, partners, customers, vendors or other external users. The network utilizes Internet technology to provide a secure and private way to share data between a business and a third party. The information is typically shared via a web browser that requires… Continue reading What is an Extranet?

What is Enterprise Content Management?

Enterprise Content Management Explained Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a form of content management that is used to organize and store an organization’s documents. ECM manages an organization’s information from its creation, to publication, to archival, and, eventually, disposal. Web-based cloud content management combines ECM with social business software. Organizations approaching information management from an… Continue reading What is Enterprise Content Management?

What is Document Management Version Control?

Document Management Version Control Explained Document Management Version Control Terminology The terminology for the document management version control is fairly straightforward. There are a few terms that may be associated with the process that may require explanation: Metadata Removal. This aspect of document management version control ensures the cleanup and removal of metadata, notes and… Continue reading What is Document Management Version Control?

What is a Web CMS?

Web CMS Explained CMS, in regards to website development, is an acronym for Content Management System. Web CMSs are used as a foundation for building and managing websites. Site creation is done through a series of relatively simple steps to create complex sites that the developer might not have been able to create individually on… Continue reading What is a Web CMS?