Businesses Use Document Management Systems To Keep Their Documents Organized

Document management

Who uses document management systems?

You’ve probably not heard of document management systems, unless you work within an organization that already has one. It’s not a system that is very popular with consumers as they don’t have much daily use for it. It is, however, very integral to businesses that store files and need an easy what to management them all.

These are some attributes of document management systems. Not all systems have all of the features listed. You should verify with the solutions you are looking at.

Document imaging
Text search
Multi-user access
Backup and restore

The better DMS’s will have these features

The will focus mainly on documents, although some will be able to store other file types, such as images, movies, etc.

Documents can be grouped together.

The DMS will allow you to archive documents and even place expiration dates on them.

A very powerful feature is being able to integrate a business’ workflow into the management of these documents.

Good DMS’s will have many levels of security. It will be able to secure a single document, groups and/or folders of documents, and many other types of security.

Some DMS’s will excel at providing web page views for each document.

An important aspect to note is that there is not really any relationship among documents, not in the same way content management systems would have.

There is some overlap with other management systems, such as content management systems, enterprise content management systems, digital asset management, and document imaging. It’s important to know the difference among each one if you are thinking of adding any of them into your organization.

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