What is Enterprise Content Management?

Enterprise Content Management Explained

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a form of content management that is used to organize and store an organization’s documents. ECM manages an organization’s information from its creation, to publication, to archival, and, eventually, disposal. Web-based cloud content management combines ECM with social business software. Organizations approaching information management from an enterprise perspective are also exploring enterprise information management (EIM) to combine ECM and business insight. Continue reading What is Enterprise Content Management?

What is a Digital Asset Management System?

Digital Asset Management Systems

A digital asset management system, shortened as DAM, is a system which manages the decisions and the tasks which surround the annotation, ingestion, storage, retrieval, cataloguing, and distribution of digital assets. Some examples of digital assets which might require the use of a digital asset management system include music, videos, digital photos, and animations. Continue reading What is a Digital Asset Management System?