Content Management Systems – The Rise And Popularity Of WordPress


WordPress owns 15% market share

15 out of 100 domains on the Internet today are powered by WordPress, one of the content management systems available on open source. That means that the code is readable. You can see the entire programming logic of how a WordPress website is built.

Advantages of an open source CMS

The great advantage to open source is that it invites any and all web developers to contribute to the code. Doing this allows the best of the best minds in php, mysql, and javascript to volunteer their time.

Additionally, there are plenty of plugins available that one can use to enhance the default WordPress setup. You can do anything from install caching capabilities, automate backups, send your content to your social network accounts, etc. The list goes on.

Ease of use result in popularity

As a result of this widespread support from the developer community, WordPress has come be accepted by the wide consumer masses. It’s very easy to install a WordPress site. You simply download the script to your domain directory. Unzip the file, create a database and add your database credentials to the configuration file.

After that, you type in the URL of your domain and create an admin user account. The CMS will do the rest and populate the database and then provide you with access to the control panel. From here, choose your theme, install your plugins, and start posting. You can do this within minutes.

Cost-effective CMS

With all that you did in the previous steps, there never was any mention to hire outside help. You were not told to look for a web designer or programmer. That’s because WordPress takes care of all of that. Creating your website is fast, simple, and free.

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