Document Management Systems Go To The Cloud

The concept of document management systems usually elicits thoughts of endless streams of text stored away in a massive online system. However, today’s content, especially when referenced in the enterprise world, can also indicate rich audiovisual presentations as well as digitized materials from just about every source.

According to MS Dynamics World, zettabytes of information, were created by the world. By 2020, it is projected that 50 times that amount will be produced. Storage of all of that information will certainly be a growing dilemma. So just where is all of this content going to be stored in a secure way where it can be accessed quickly and easily?

This is where the cloud can help enterprise content management. With a hybrid cloud storage, a combination of public and private storage solutions can be used to manage content. In this situation, file sharing capabilities are granted to employees for access to the content they need. Files in the cloud can be more easily managed since they all reside in one organized location rather than being fragmented in separate systems with their own security levels.  Content storage in the cloud allows for more efficient collaboration. Users can view, update, and share content from their desktops anywhere and anytime.

Many companies have caught onto content storage in the cloud. In a study by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), 42 percent of those companies surveyed have developed plans to deploy content to the cloud with 20 percent planning on moving all of their content.

It’s plain to see how cloud content management systems can help solve the information overload problem. They can be rapidly deployed at a reasonable cost, do not need capital funds since they are subscription-based, have pre-built applications, and the content is more secure.

It’s no wonder that analyst firm Gartner states that cloud providers to grow faster than on-premise enterprise content management software vendors

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