Four Open Source Content Management Systems

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Open source software has opened the door to a world of opportunity for small to middle sized business organizations that have interest in using content management systems. CMS software allows organizations to publish content from different users, disparate sources and locations in an organized manner.

The four open source content management systems that have currently gained the most traction include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento. All of these tools have strengths that will allow an organization to leverage itself over a wider scale on the internet.

What each may mean to you:

WordPress: The WordPress CMS is highly regarded and widely used for search engine friendly architecture. Many pre-built plug-ins and templates are available free- of- charge and a huge array of paid templates are available from developers worldwide. Their architecture and template system has proven itself to be a safe and reliable, easy- to- use CMS tool

Joomla:  Is a tool with a more complex back end infrastructure than WordPress. Like WordPress, there are many available templates such as flashing of news stripes, calendars, blogs, polls conduction and the like, including the integration of RSS feeds.  Joomla features an object oriented programming that for the beginning user may require a longer learning period. Joomla is currently being used as the platform for sites large and small and provides a very usable tool for   social media platforms.

Drupal:  provides easy to understand workflow tools, integration with social media platforms and a multilevel menu system that is currently being used as the back-end tool in about 1.5 percent of web sites worldwide. Drupal features a search engine friendly URL tool that can be used to strengthen SEO across your web site.

Magento: is owned by Ebay and features e-commerce integration tools, catalog management features and order management tools, all items that one would expect from a company with a vast knowledge and background in e-commerce. If you plan to conduct e-commerce features like shopping carts, the Magneto platform is certainly something that your company or organization will want to investigate.

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