The Importance of CMS to Create Compelling Websites


CMS use in Business

Many businesses around the world are motivated to reach common goals—to grow and earn profit. From the creation of marketing plans to increase sales up to the conceptualization of creative advertising ideas to convince customers that they provide the best products in the market, businesses are giving the best of their efforts to get a huge chunk of the market share. Definitely, competition is ever-present in the industry, and if they want to get nearer to the buying public, they have to adapt to the technological changes that sets a trend in the business community.

The Emergence of the Online Trend

Enterprises today cannot take for granted the emerging trend of shopping online. While it provided with them with a universal platform to showcase their brands, products, and services, this on the other-hand can require another effort in creating and designing an effective online page. An e-commerce website became a popular business necessity and it is purpose is not only to sell, but also to provide consumers with updates and useful information about the offers they are marketing.

Why CMS is a Must in Creating a Website?

Like building your own house; the over-all plan, the materials, and the people who will participate in its construction determine the end product. In the creation of the website, a functional enterprise web CMS or content management system play a vital role in ensuring that your website will appear pleasing to the eye of the end users.

Your CMS is the backbone of your website, choosing it right will give you an opportunity to have a website that is easy to manage and is fully functional for the visitors. To answer the question why CMS is a must in creating your website, it reason is very simple—without a CMS, there is also no website to exist.

How to Choose the Right CMS for Your Business?

We mentioned above that it is very important to choose the right CMS, but right can be subjective for different businesses because they may require a platform that is according to the nature of their industry. Moonlighting as a web developer and content writer at the same time, I find it critical to the success of an online page on how they present their website, design-wise and content-wise. When a client asks for a simple website with a few technicality requirement so that they can easily post blogs with given themes to customize, WordPress is a good pick. If they want a personalized design for full-forced online branding, starting from scratch with Drupal can be their best bet.

Moreover, there still are plenty of CMS (though not popular) offers the best experience of a business need. Ever heard of elcomCMS? How about ExpressionEngine? There are long list of amazing CMS out there, and they are just waiting to be unlocked.

Below are few points that a business owner/web developer have to consider in choosing a CMS.

  1. Always think of the users. No matter how techie you are and you found a CMS you can easily work with, the only way that it will count is if you will be the lone person to use it. Not everyone is a tech savvy like you, and you have to think of the people who will update the site in the future as well as the online users who will navigate on the site.
  2. Make sure that the CMS you will use have the functionality that you need. It doesn’t matter if the CMS has a big or small following, what is important is it can provide you with all the features that you need.
  3. Do your homework before settling on a particular CMS, there are myriad of choices out there and doing even a small research can make a big difference on how your website will perform in the future.

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