Intranet Software Providers: Which One Should You Use?

When choosing intranet software providers to manage and update your systems, you may find yourself overwhelmed at the magnitude of providers to choose from.  One such intranet software provider is Claromentis.  They pride themselves on creating powerful workspaces that are not only great to use, but improve productivity within the framework of your business.  The build of the Claromentis intranet software is more than an information system.  It provides a platform for the workplace community to openly collaborate ideas in real-time with an online interface.  The design is geared towards fulfilling all of your company’s goals through extensive experience and expertise.  Some of the features of this intranet software include:

  • A document management system, which employs an enterprise-level document management software.  It provides a very large number of features to increase business management including indexing, tagging, workflows and record types.  In addition, the document management system comes complete with “version control.”  This allows for multiple users to work on a document while preserving the integrity of each, separate update.
  • Social networking has become very important within nearly every industry.  The Claromentis software comes complete with an innovative social networking application.  With the corporate social networking application, employees can post comments and share ideas instantly within the corporate community.  The social networking application also allows organizations to select their preferred level of social interaction.
  • The “people application” is another innovative approach to incorporating a social element to the corporate world.  This application securely stores and displays relevant personal information for each employee.  The employee database allows for easy search of each employee within the corporation along with the secure stoarge of information relating to the employee.
  • The Claromentis software also uses an advanced and powerful search engine to easily explore every aspect of the intranet.  Intranet administrators also have the power to adjust the intranet search results to improve the user’s experience.  In addition, if the user is unable to find the specifc information requested, the user can can submit a Search Request that immediately notifies the system administrator with the original search term, name of user and orginal comment.


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