Intranet Software You Can Rely On

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Within your organization or business, you need intranet software that allows you to communicate freely and without problems within your assigned network. With so much intranet software to choose from, it may seem overwhelming to decide which is right for your specific network. You need an intranet that is efficient in all areas of application including communication, web publishing, your daily business operations and portal management. One such type of intranet software developed is the Intranet Connections Plug ‘n’ Play software.

This software allows your company to operate from a single website, which includes your intranet business, daily workflow and all of your social media tools. All of your company’s tools and resources are located within a single source allowing for ease of use and access. This simplicity of use means that more employees can access these features without having to go through rigorous training assessments and certification just to operate the system. In addition, the Plug ‘n’ Play software offers “simple theme” templates that implement a complimentary color palette to your pre-designed logo. Without having to learn strenuous code or IT technologies, one can easily customize the intranet system through these themes and converse through social networking and other forms of communication with ease.

Trust is an essential theme of any network or intranet. Therefore, the Plug ‘n’ Play software incorporates a “transparency” option. Any published content automatically attaches a mini-card that displays the author and all employee interaction with the content, which includes comments and ratings. This ensures that all users take responsibility for their published content and a degree of integrity is upheld within the intranet system. There are also additional options within the Plug ‘n’ Play software that include the approval of workflows, read/accept policies on documents and automated archiving. This helps to protect any information that is meant to be kept confidential and to prevent any such leaks of sensitive information.

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