Gives Worldwide View of Joomla for Government


Drupal may be the official content management system (CMS) of the White House, but is a tool that could help us investigate whether or not Joomla may be the government CMS of the entire world. This innovative project not only provides a global view of how widespread Joomla happens to be in the public sphere, it also serves as an example of the CMS as a world-scale information portal and also how Joomla allows an ambitious project such as this to be brought live very rapidly.

Using regional usage data from the Joomla Wiki, the developers of were able to extract enough information for nearly 1800 Joomla government websites. With sophisticated scripting the team ingested the data and was able to create a screen capture for each site. In order to facilitate site updates and ensure better management of such a large volume of mined data, the team trusted in the third-party content engine K2.

The results are fairly impressive. The website currently contains information for over 3200 Joomla-driven government portals, each of which can be browsed on a world map driven by the Google Maps API. From the top level view, the map displays numbered circles that represent the total Joomla instances in a given region. From these circles the user can drill down to smaller and smaller levels until reaching an individual website.

Despite the fairly large amount of data, the website manages to run with little perceptible lag. The development team achieved optimal performance with the site with minification and compression of the css/html and also by caching the site data to a size of roughly 60MB.

This website is effective for educational purposes, Joomla evangelism, demonstrating how to create global-scale subject matter maps with small-scale resources, and also just satisfying the pure curiosity of finding out where the Joomla hot-spots around the world happen to lie.

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