Keeping Your Information Secure With Document Management Systems

Information security is a top concern for any business. Paper documents can be subject to loss or theft. It can be challenging if not impossible to secure physical paper documents. The best document management systems provide multiple layers of security to safeguard documents. Following are some of the security features that good document management systems should provide.

One keystone in a secure document management system is a structure for granting access. This means that employees would be allowed to only view or edit documents that pertain to their position. Some employees may be permitted to only view documents while others might be allowed to edit.

Another important component of a good document management system is its anti-virus, firewall and anti-spyware software. This software will provide continuous protection from internet related security threats such as computer viruses and hackers. Regular software updates will address any new security threats.

Data encryption will help to protect data as it is transmitted over the network. Data backups will ensure that valuable data can be restored in the event of a disaster.

In addition to the security features provided by the electronic document management system, there are steps that businesses can take to protect their data. Some of these are; creating organizational policies, conducting periodic security reviews and employee security training.

Organizational policies will help define who should have access to what data. As an example, a data entry person should not need access to accounts payable information. A graphic designer should only need access to photos and advertising copy. These policies should also address how often passwords need to be changed.

It is a good idea to review security procedures on a regular basis. This can help an organization to improve its security policies and protocols.

Employee security training is an essential part of a good security plan. Training should cover individual security measures such as logging out of the system when a person leaves their station. Employees should know how often to change their passwords, and how to create secure passwords. They should also be instructed not to write down passwords.

Investing in a good document management system is a crucial first step toward document security. The next step is creating organizational policies and practices that enhance security. A business that takes both of these steps will be well on its way toward protecting that most valuable asset, its data.

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