The Evolution of Web Content Management

We are beginning to see a convergence of the web content management and the web experience market. This will lead to further integration of tools that are usedfor social media management. This is a result of websites that are converting to the use of APIs for engaging users instead of content that will be loading from a content management system. An article on the San Francisco Chronicle explains how web content management is evolving.

“The Web Experience Management (WEM) and Web Content Management (WCM) markets are quickly converging making vendors pay close attention to integrating social management tools, according to two new research reports from Info-Tech Research Group.”

The increasing use of mobile devices has led to apps being used to improve the customer experience of a business. This has led to a decreasing importance of where content is displayed on a web page. Content will need to be formatted from a standard website to one created for mobile devices. Mobile apps and mobile website needs have led to a decrease in web content importance and an increase in user experience.

Businesses need to see this as the shifting of focus. Users are more likely to care about apps used for their device, then the underlying software. The same is true for computer users who use a specific browser and do not care about the type of operating system. This is a change in philosophy that will be the future of how a user experiences content on the web.

The way that web content management is evolving means that a business is able take advantage of this new landscape. A business is now able to extend the online awareness of their brand to the mobile web and social media.

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