Tips for selecting an intranet software provider

If you have spent the time researching about intranet and the benefits it can provide for your business, the next logical step is to learn about intranet service providers.  If you have determined to set up an intranet for your business and employee use and need some assistance selecting an intranet software provider, here are some tips to guide your decision:

  • Choose a provider who has a long track record.  You want to select a provider who has been in business for some time, with a proven record of expertise among various industries.  Particularly, you want them to have experience with your business industry.  Having a varied experience will enable them to provide you with a customized solution to your business needs.
  • Select a provider who is capable of immediate installation.  Someone who has an implementation date that’s far in the future is someone who won’t have time to immediately solve any problems that arise for you in the future.  While you might think a busy provider is one who is experienced and popular, it could simply be a sign of being over worked or lack of business time management skills.
  • Your provider should require little to no assistance from your staff.  The purpose of hiring a provider is to free you from the time obligation and save some money in the long run.  Utilizing your staff wastes employee time and your money as they are unable to complete the job tasks they already have.
  • A good provider can provide you with a cost analysis over the years.  They should be capable of working with you to find a good solution for now, and help predict future needs you might encounter.  These costs should be somewhat predictable in nature and will help you project your business cash flow.
  • For most businesses, security is a top concern.  Your provider should be capable of addressing to your satisfaction any security concerns you may have.

No matter who you select, consider price, security and expertise into the equation.  Doing so will have you with a provider you can trust and rely on for any problems that might arise over time.

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