Top 4 benefits of implementing an intranet software solution for your business


One of the biggest pain-points and most overlooked issues in a business, organization, and life in general is human communication. As humans, we have the basic need to communicate with each other in order to build relationships, exchange ideas, and feel a sense of belonging. A business most important component is internal and external communication and sadly, this is where most businesses need improvement on. Think about it, when there’s a missed deadline, overlooked assumptions and risks, poor quality, unclear expectations, etc; it all stems from poor communication between stakeholders involved.

Communication improvement in a business or organization starts by improving internal communication and one great tool to achieve this goal is to implement an intranet software solution. An intranet facilitates communication between people and improves data sharing and overall knowledge base of an organization’s employees.

If you are not sure whether implementing an intranet software solution is going to help your business, please read the following four benefits that will surely enhance the overall communication in your organization.

1. Improving internal communication and collaboration.

This is probably the most important benefit your business will receive from having an intranet software solution by promoting a culture of information exchange and collaboration. The intranet becomes the central hub and starting point for all users to find information they need that make their jobs easier and save time. Different departments in your organization can use the intranet as a tool to coordinate efforts and manage projects, minimizing duplication of efforts.

2. Promoting a paperless environment.

Intranet software will help your business become more “Green” by reducing the amount of paper-based processes and documentation and also reducing the costs associated with printing and storing of hardcopy documents. Policies and procedures manuals, employee handbook, training handbooks, staff directory, and several other documents and reports can be shared electronically from one central location through intranet software.

3. Centralizing corporate content.

One of the biggest productivity drops in an organization is when employees have to stop what they are currently working on to search for information that is critical to finalize a task or project. Most of the time, employees have to find out where they can obtain this information from by searching the internet or asking around the office. An intranet provides employees with a central hub for corporate content allowing them to focus more on their jobs rather than digging for information.  Intranets improve employee productivity by acting like self-service stations and empowering users with the ability to find the information they’re after without having to rely too heavily on others.

4. Contributing to employee retention

It is critical that employees feel a sense of belonging as part of the team and the only way to do this is by improving the quality of communication. With an intranet software, you can keep your entire team updated and in the loop with company news and events. It is a fact that employees stay with companies that have excellent communication with their entire team.

What other benefits can you think of when implementing an intranet software solution?

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