What does Mobile Web mean?


Mobile Web Explained

The mobile web has quickly turned into the new medium of choice for businesspeople the world over. The mobile web is simply the conglomeration of web sites that are made for viewing on mobile devices such as smartphones and mobile tablets. Since 2009 and the rise of the iPhone and iPad, the mobile web has played an increasingly important part in online commerce and in commerce in general.

Many independent third party researchers into the financial markets agree that all, down to a one, of the 100 Fortune 100 companies will undoubtedly be spending at least a quarter of their marketing budgets on mobile based marketing efforts by the year 2012.

The mobile web offers small and medium sized businesses the opportunity to even more cheaply put themselves right next to their corporate counterparts in front of the audiences that they wish to be in front of. The cost of building and maintaining a mobile web site is lower than that of a desktop web site, contrary to popular belief. Mobile web sites do not require, nor do they have as much room for, as much technology as a desktop based web site, making the mobile web site a much easier burden on bandwidth and the wallets of the small businesspeople who do not have the manpower nor the budget for high level technology.

The mobile web is such an independent force that the major search engines have in fact changed their algorithms for the mobile web especially. The major search engines, because of the different ways in which people access information on the mobile web as opposed to the desktop / laptop based web, have changed their analytics to coincide with the ways in which people access that information.

Also, small and medium sized business people would be well served to note that the mobile customer has many different behaviors from the desktop / laptop customer. Though physically the mobile customer may be the same person as the desktop / laptop customer, that person will have vastly different ways of accessing information within the two mediums, and many different types of behavior have been noted as well.

According to many independent third party researchers, on the mobile web, a customer is 90% more likely to visit or buy immediately from a web site that he or she finds as the first listing for a query. Customers also look for different things on a mobile web site, because of this enhanced propensity to immediately buy. Many apps have become staples on mobile web sites, including click to call features, GPS features, and streamlined web sites which lead straight to the sales pages of loss leader and popular items in the inventory of a business.

QR codes are the newest advance to the mobile web technology. QR codes are codes that can be scanned by a smartphone. These codes serve many purposes, such as one will take the user immediately to a particular web site or another to a separate page for a special introductory offer or coupon.

The mobile web is coming into its own as a force to be reckoned with for businesses of all sizes. As it continues to grow, it will continue to affect how the people of the world do commerce and communicate with each other.

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