What is a Mobile enabled Web site?

Mobile enabled Web site

A mobile enabled web site is a web site that has been streamlined for use on a mobile phone. Although smartphones can pull up web sites that were formatted for a desktop or laptop environment, in many cases those types of web sites miss out on many types of connectivity technologies that only a mobile enabled web site can achieve. A web site that has these technologies present is said to be mobile enabled.

A mobile enabled web site will usually have one or more of the following technologies implemented:

The ability to read QR codes.

QR codes are a technology which many businesses are using currently. They consist of an indecipherable group of symbols on a flat surface that business owners will usually put in their store windows, and sometimes even on business cards and other business paraphenalia. These QR codes, however, can be read by a smartphone with the download of a certain application that can read them (this app is usually free). The QR code can then cause the smartphone to automatically bring up a mobile enabled web site or some other kind of site that the business will program into the code, usually an introductory offer of some kind, or a link to a coupon.

A click to call app.

A click to call app is unique to a mobile enabled web site, as it allows the viewer of the web site to click a phone number like it was a web link. Once the link to the phone number is clicked, the smartphone will then call the number displayed on the screen. In this way customers can most conveniently be connected to a business to find out directions or other details. Obviously, this kind of app would not work on any other kind of device except one which contained the ability to surf the web and make calls, which is exactly what the mobile enabled web site is made to take advantage of.

A GPS function.

Many times a mobile enabled web site will have the ability to locate the customer via satellite and give directions to the store to his or her smartphone. This allows the customer to conveniently find the store no matter where he or she may be.

Aside from these various functions, a mobile enabled web site usually means that a web site is formatted for mobile viewing. Because of the limited viewing and technological specs of the smartphone, as well as the relative uncertainty of the connection that the phone may have to an online network based on the location of the recipient, mobile web sites must undertake certain precautions that laptop or desktop web sites do not have to take. Adherence to these precautions usually makes a web site mobile enabled.

Scrolling space.

A phone has much less physical viewing space than the screen of a desktop or even a laptop computer. Therefore, the mobile enabled web site will usually be much simpler than its desktop counterpart.

Less video and third party apps.

Many of flashier apps which work just fine on desktop or laptop operating systems are still not able to be properly handled by smartphone operating systems. Therefore most sites, in the name of simplification as well, will disable these operations from the mobile enabled site.

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