What is a Web Portal?

Web Portal Explained

A web portal, also known as a links page, is a more accessible way for online viewers to see the World Wide Web. The web portals of today are usually divided into many different sections with many articles and links under each one. A modern web portal will also contain many links to outside web pages as well.

There are many examples of largely used web portals today, such as the web pages on AOL, Excite, iGoogle, MSN, Netvibes, and Yahoo!. In the early days of the dot com craze, portals came into high demand as many companies of that era either tried to build one or buy one. This caused many companies to buy other smaller companies simply for the use of their web portal. The craze died down with the dot com bust of the 2000s and web portals became a less hot commodity, although still quite popular among Web enthusiasts.

There are basically two formats of web portals, horizontal and vertical.

The Horizontal Web Portal

Horizontal portals are Web portals which cover many areas and topics. The main web portals on MSN.com or Yahoo.com are examples of horizontal web portals, as they have topics and links that are stretched out over many, many varying topics.

The Vertical Web Portal

The vertical web portal is a portal that focuses on one area or topic. These could be portals that are dedicated to a particular industry or business. Portals like this include thisis50.com and perezhilton.com, which could be said to be a vertical portal as it focuses squarely on entertainment content.

There are many different types of portals in use around the World Wide Web.

The Personal Portal

The personal portal is a Web portal that is used mostly to provide personalized applications to the visitors of the portal. These types of portals are designed to use distributed apps and middleware in order to provide services from different sources.

The News Portal

The news portal is a Web portal which serves as a hub for significant events around the world and are fast replacing the printed word as the main form of how news companies reach their audiences.

The Government Web Portal

The government Web portal is a tool which the government uses in order to disseminate information among its citizens. Many nations have already made great use of the government portal, including India, Australia, the entire European Union, and many different portals for various factions of the United States, including veterans and disabled people.

The Stock Portal

The stock portal is a Web portal used specifically to disseminate information about the stock market. Many of these types of portals are pay to use, as much of the information on these types of portals comes out much faster than a regular news portal, a service that is essential to short term stock market traders.

The Corporate Web Portal

The corporate Web portal is a portal which disseminates information within a company, and is often used within the structure of a company intranet. There are many different types of corporate Web portals with the main differences being how information is navigated throughout the system and how authoritarian the structure is that is used for access to different parts of the portal.

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