What to Look for in a Web Content Management System

For running any business, having a degree of control over the various aspects of the business is very important. In the same manner for running a website as well, having a degree of control over the authoring and administrative tools of the website is necessary especially if the website is of a small business company. A WCMS or Web Content Management System can provide a website owner all the administrative powers he wants to regularize and manage the content authoring and collaboration activities taking place on the website.  The following are some of the important features that must be looked out for in a web content management system for a small business.

Quick Installation

The first and most important feature to look out for in a WCMS of a small business is quick installation. Since the small businesses do not have the time to wait for a slow content management system to take months in getting ready to be used, therefore, they must look for a CMS software program that can be installed quickly and can be put to work immediately.

SEO Capabilities

The second feature that must be present in a Web Content Management System is built-in SEO tools. The software programs that have these tools make it a lot easier for the website owners to optimize their websites in the best possible manner so that they are ranked highly on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and can get noticed by potential customers.

Plug-in for Social Networking

The third most sought after feature in a WCMS for a small business is a plug-in for social networking services. Since the social media websites like Facebook and Twitter have become an important part of the lives of people, having a plug-in on the website that can allow them to link the website with their Facebook and Twitter accounts can rope in a lot of traffic for the website.

Powerful Tools

The fourth feature that a Web Content Management System must possess in order for it to become useful for small businesses is a powerful set of tools. A management system that provides advanced tools in addition to the standard tools and options provided by other CMS softwares can really help a small business company website in getting ranked highly on SERPs.

Multimedia Functionalities

The fifth feature that must be present in a WCMS is an abundance of multimedia functionalities. A CMS offering audio, video and slideshow functions can really help a website owner in making his site more interactive and appealing for a viewer.

Blogging Option

The sixth feature that a WCMS must have is a blogging option for the users. This blogging option is going to provide the website owner to keep updating the content on his website and keeping hold of the customer’s attention.

Help Documents

Help documents or modules are the seventh feature that a good Web Content Management System must provide its users. These help files must be very expansive and should provide a step-by-step guide to the users for navigating the tools and options of the software.

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