What You Should Know About Content Management System Benefits

Technology benefits

Content management systems have changed how websites are created on the Internet. In the past, in order to build a website, you have to learn coding in HTML. You had to code each page by hand. If you mis-coded a tag, it could throw your whole page out of whack. With a content management system, you do not need to learn to all that coding. A website is based on a template which you can fill out to create a page. There are many more benefits to using a content management system in creating your website. Continue to read to learn more.

As mentioned, back in the early days, websites were only built by people with skills in HTML. The task of website building often fell upon professional web developers and programmers. Any content change would need to be done by them. This was fine for a company who can have a web developer on the staff. However, for small companies who cannot afford to hire one, staffers either learn it themselves, or they contract out the job. Still, there was no easy way to do simple content updates.

When content management systems were developed, the goal was to make is easier for people to update their websites without involving a programmer. The web developer constructs the template on which the website is built. Specific people are assigned the rights to edit content. Editing content only requires filling in the template and posting the updates. This has vastly improved the efficiency of website management as content can be updated in a more timely manner, and the responsibility can be shared among many people.

Another benefit to using content management systems is that enhancements are available as modules, or plug-ins. For instance, if you want add a calendar, you can probably find a plug-in that can install that for you without needing you to do any coding. These plug-ins can be used across many websites which reduces the need to recode something that already exists. Extending the functionality of a website is never easier.

Using a content management system to build websites offers you the benefit of collaboration. Several people can be working on it at the same time. Changes are revisions are tracked so there is no fear of content getting accidentally overridden.

A website built from a content management system can easily integrate the latest social media widgets to extend its functionality even further. RSS feeds can be generated. Updates on the website can be fed to social media platforms like Facebook. This reduces time required in manually updating each different channel.

These are the types of content management system benefits that make this such a smart choice in website development. Knowing HTML is still very relevant. In fact, if you know enough HTML, you can customize your CMS-based website even more. But if you just want to be able create a page or make content changes on your own, using a content management system is the answer.

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